Thursday, October 16, 2014

New Hair Bows

For my daughter's preschool, we have a calendar for the month of what the theme will be each day.  Because there is still sometimes ambivalence about going, we often talk about the themes and dress accordingly if possible.  In September we had color days when we were asked to dress in primary colors, then secondary colors.  

When I saw owl day approaching, I knew were were all set with two owl shirts to choose from.  

I remembered making a little felt owl long ago as a trial for a Girl Scout Project.  My main thought at that time was how to incorporate button sewing into something fun.  I actually found one little owl I had made and it looked to be the perfect size for a hair bow.

When I was making hair bows before, I carefully sewed the layers together to form bows.  With the owl, I decided to just use hot glue.

The next day is bat day!  I found a sparkly foam bat and layered ribbons to form a bat hair bow.  

When my daughter Sydney wore the smaller style hair bows, they stayed perfectly in her hair.  Kessa had some trouble with the owl one.  Perhaps because it's bigger and heavier.  I added velvet ribbon to the alligator clips which should help keep these bows put.

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