Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Princess and King Portraits

My nieces' birthdays were in the fall and new princess dresses had been requested. One was to be Cinderella and one was Aurora. They were also getting new American Girl Dolls.

My daughter was going to get an American Girl Bitty Baby for Christmas, also from the same grandma.

Grandma's birthday was coming up in March. I thought a cousin portrait would be a fine present and maybe a themed portrait would make it extra fun. And wouldn't it be neat if the dolls could match too?!

I found a great company called My Dress Up Trunk who makes princess dresses for girls, adults and dolls! Perfect! My daughter had received a princess outfit for her doll at Christmas. It was purple. I found a dress for her that matched pretty well at My Dress Up Trunk.

Of course a matching Cinderella dress was easy to find there as well. Aurora was proving to be difficult.

Maybe I could make a doll dress. I studied the picture of Aurora and took a trip to JoAnns. I found satin, roses, and trim that I thought would make the perfect dress. Creating the pattern was a fun challenge and I was very excited about the finished product.

We did get together for a cousin portrait. We had four smiling children, three dolls in matching dresses with their little mommies and a King dressed in velveteen.