Saturday, October 4, 2014

Little Friend and Preschool

The youngest began preschool this fall and at first it was the best thing ever.  Soon it became not the best thing ever.  Then there was even crying.  I don't believe anything changed about preschool, I think the reality set in that this is a reoccurring thing mostly without mommy.

The last time we had a preschooler; pretty much the same thing happened.  I decided to make her a little friend to go along to school and keep her company.  Sydney's little friend is still kicking around, but requires a pocket.  Kessa doesn't often have pockets.

I wondered if I could make a tiny little friend and it could hang around her neck.

In my searches for the Waldorf pocket doll pattern I had used for Sydney, I found pipe cleaner dolls.  I had pipe cleaners and small beads that were head like.  Even though this little doll would be less soft and cuddly, she would not get lost.

Using the bead as a guide, I just folded together the pipe cleaner to form a small body.  Then I traced the body to make a one piece suit out of felt.  A little hat with a stripe was added to cover the head.  Finally I added a jump ring to the hat and purchased these Magic Silkies Necklace Cords.  I liked them because there was no pinchy metal near her neck and if pulled hard enough, the necklace would come undone.

The Little Friend was working pretty well.  I made sure to fill up Little Friend with love and hugs and then Little Friend would give them to Kessa as needed during school.  I also made a little bracelet for her and a picture book of all the things she likes about preschool.  The last page of the picture book has a picture of us together with the words, "Mommy always comes back."

One day we couldn't find Little Friend!  In the 15 minutes before we had to go, I quickly made a new Little Friend with just hot glue and thread on the jump ring and hoped she'd stay together until I could sew her better.

Apparently when our Little Friend is not heading to school, she needs a sleeping bag.  I used my sewing machine and some polyfil and made little sleeping bags for many Little Friends.

After our emergency, I thought I'd try another Little Friend with a suit better pattern.  Using one piece on the fold works better.  I like the tiny heart stitched onto the orange suit.  The orange Little Friend has some hair too.

I also purchased more "head" beads and tried out different sizes.  This led me to try wrapping the pipe cleaners with embroidery floss for the girl in yellow.

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