Monday, June 5, 2006

Birthday Chair Cover

I am not always together when school is ending. So many moms have carefully chosen or created gifts for their teachers. I am generally not one of those moms. The end of the year seems so crazy.

One year I asked the teacher what she might need for her classroom and offered my sewing talents to her. She did say that often they do have more than one birthday to celebrate on a given day and that she only had one special birthday chair cover.

That sounded like a fun project! But the cover she already had, had "Happy Birthday" spelled out in big block letters. I wasn't really interested in cutting many tiny letters, so I thought of other options. Back to JoAnns and I found some cute birthday themed fabric: balloons, candles, and confetti! I wondered how I could incorporate all the neat fabrics. I decided on a quilt like idea. Came together perfectly! I liked it so much, I made one for my family too. What a fun tradition!