Baby Wearing

5 weeks old
Baby Carriers have been a big part of my sewing and creating for more than 10 years. I don't remember how I first learned about them, but I even made myself a sling from a pattern before my first baby was born. It was a padded sling and I used it all the time.

In 2002, when my first was about two years old, a friend of mine asked me to make an off white, linen, unpadded sling for a wedding. I couldn't imagine how that would be comfortable at all. But I worked on a prototype (for myself) and then made the wedding sling. It was comfortable and I loved how small it was for packing up in a bag. Word spread about my ability to create this simple sling and I began getting requests. I was figuring out what to charge, making up instructions, and even coming up with a name: Slings By Amy. After some time I decided to create a website and even get insurance. Making slings was just what I did for a long time.

2 week old
Along comes baby number two in 2004. I made her a brand new sling out of a green batik. Better fabrics were available and Sling Rings was a great resource for amazing rings. I made fancy slings with silver aluminum rings and every day ones too. The nylon rings were a welcome change from the heavy steel welded rings I had first found at the hardware store.

During that first year of life with my second child, I discovered that they were so many ways to carry a baby. I had a back injury which made me seek out a two shouldered carrier. At first I created a simple woven wrap and then designed a structured front and back carrier. It was a major undertaking and took many hours, some of them when everyone was sleeping and I should have been too.

I was not sure if I could reproduce the structured carrier for anyone else. I certainly got requests, but I just couldn't bring myself to make another. Instead I created a pattern for a Mei Tei or Asian Baby Carrier (ABC). I am a big fan of buckles, so I kept those at the hip. I did make many of them for others.

Having a little girl who LOVES babies gave me the inspiration to make many little slings, pouches, and even a Mei Tei for her.

As my children grew older and I was using less carriers out in the world, I seemed to be getting away from making carriers and reluctantly decided to formally stop selling baby carriers and give up my insurance.

In 2010 I had the pleasure of having baby number three and she was a heavy ten and a half pounds at birth! I used my two shouldered wraps and Mei Teis earlier with her than any other baby. She is 19 months and she is a more average sized toddler now. She can still be seen having a ride on my back or even my front. I even found a little hammock to cradle her head for when she falls asleep. Of course I did reproduce something similar in brown with pink snaps to match my carrier better.

5.5 month old
I still love to share the knowledge I have regarding baby carriers. If anyone asks, I will even do a full demonstration wherever I may be.