Monday, October 13, 2014

Doll Sleeping Bag

My 5th grade daughter was collecting items representative of a book she was reading.  One item she needed was a sleeping bag.  I suggested taking some felt and rolling it up to appear like a sleeping bag.  She suggested I make a sleeping bag fit for her American Girl Doll.  My son even suggested using an old jacket to have the material be more authentic.

These kinds of projects are usually what I like to do best: fulfill a need with what's at home and make it quick.

Somehow I wasn't feeling too excited about this project.  Perhaps the fact that it was 8:00pm had something to do with it.  Also, I was considering how to make the sleeping bag and had looked at tutorials a while back with zippers.  I didn't have the right size zipper and it would be an even bigger project.

Finally my wise daughter told me to just make it like a bag without a zipper or an opening.

When we were looking through the stash, she liked the orange waterproof fabric I had from diaper making days.  I had some matching orange microfiber fabric for a lining.  And thinking of it as a bag helped a lot.

I laid out the fabric and using the doll as a guide, very carefully cut around her to make the sleeping bag.  I added a head rest and cut out lining fabric too.

It went together very quickly. I simply left a small opening in the bottom of the lining fabric and sewed the outside to the inside together with the head rest tucked inside.

I did top stitch around the top edge allowing the the inner lining to roll a bit to the outside.

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