Monday, October 6, 2014

Beaded Elves for Preschool

My daughter's preschool teacher thought something like her Little Friend might be a nice project for Christmastime. I felt that working with the tiny beads and tiny clothes was probably too hard for preschoolers.  I found these cute elves made out of beads and tried them out.  Having access to different sized beads and maybe even ovals would be nice for the tummy.

Another pattern I found was to use pine cones for the body and add mittens and booties.  The scarf is nice for hiding the pipe cleaner at the neck.

Adding a ribbon while putting everything together worked out well.  The yellow hat is stitched on the back and I liked the way that worked better than just hot glue.  From my other preschoolers, I know they can sew felt with guidance.

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