Thursday, October 16, 2014

More Little Dolls

The doll making has been a lot of fun.  I found some wooden peg dolls and practiced more with the embroidery floss wrapping.

Together with my four year old, we made our family out of wooden peg dolls.  Later, my husband did cut down one of the little ones to make her smaller.  I especially like the teen boy's hair.

The little girl dolls were fun to make.  I created a few for gifts as well.  They remind me of little worry dolls.  I liked these two tutorials:  Bendy Doll Tutorial and Making Bendy Dolls.

My older daughter liked them too and requested a bed for two.

A high school friend of mine just recently lost his six year old son.  Because I had "worry dolls" on the mind and also this family's tragedy, I thought I'd try a little boy doll.  He came out pretty cute.  

I ran out of the regular thickness of pipe cleaners and started using some thinner pipe cleaners. I liked them even better, especially for the smaller dolls.

Here is a sweet babywearing mama and baby doll in a ring sling.  The baby came out so cute.  I decided to leave them without faces.

The beads I purchased were completely unfinished wood.  I used an all purpose sealer to prevent bleeding.

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