Friday, October 25, 2013

Sock Monkey Costume

My older daughter wanted to be a sock monkey. I checked out the commercially made costumes and also what others had done as DIY. I didn't really like the commercial ones and thought she might like something with more color. Her sock monkey toy is light and dark purple stripe. I searched for a hat to start and found a pink stripe sock monkey hat. From there I sought out pink striped pajamas. Finally I found pajama separates that would work.

After they arrived, we headed to JoAnns and found almost exactly matching micro fleece pink and dark pink for the tail. I made stripes and ended with a white fleece tip. More white fleece was for the mitts and leg bottoms.

Originally I planned to just make long mitts and leg warmers and preserve the pajamas.  But once the tail and bottom were on, it seemed like it would be best to just alter the pjs further.  Also, the pants were a hair too short for my daughter, so adding the white was helpful.  At the very bottom, I added a fleece cuff.

 For the monkey butt, I used more white fleece with some red fleece zigzagged on.

If I had planned to cut the sleeves and legs initially, I might have been able to salvage them for the monkey tail.  Though I am pretty proud of my matching fabric and same width stripes.

As I was finishing the costume, I really needed my daughter to try on the top and pants in order for me to add the white parts.  She was at school so I decided to make her a sock monkey bag.  I had seen a nice trick or treat bag here and used the basic idea.  It was fun to get the parts together.  My dimensions ended up being about 8.25" by 29.25" with a 10" circle on the bottom.  I think because I used fleece, it was rather floppy.  I went back and added 3/4" elastic in the top.  The elastic gave the front a bit more body and the gathered back will hopefully hold the candy in better.