Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Taboo Game

As Halloween approached, I was on the lookout for some activities for my daughter's fourth grade Halloween party. There are some great ideas out there. One was a talking game where certain halloween words had to be avoided. Another site simply suggested a Halloween taboo game. I've always enjoyed the game Taboo. I think it's great to make yourself think in different ways. 

Searching specifically for a Halloween Taboo game didn't yield the results I had hoped. Finally I decided to create my own game. I started with basic Halloween words and then borrowed some from Halloween word searches. Once I got started, the words came quickly to me. I only have three "taboo" words per card because I know it can be a tricky game for younger kids and even some adults!  At least knowing the topic should probably help too. I ended up with forty cards adding in some fall topics. I'll bring along a timer as well. 

I printed on orange card stock and then laminated the cards.  Hopefully the kids will enjoy the game as much as I anticipate liking it.

I have PDFs of the cards and can send them out via email, just let me know. 


  1. I'm so glad you both found the game and can use the cards too. We had a blast. Most kids didn't know how the game works, but learned quickly and some did better than others. We ended up not using the timer and just letting each kid do a few before handing the stack to the other team.

  2. Could I get a PDF file for the game.

  3. Can I have a PDF version of the game? This looks great!

    1. Email is

  4. Could I please have a copy of the PDF?

  5. Thank you! This will work perfect for a class party tomorrow! Will you please email the PDF to Thanks again!!

  6. I would love a PDF also: Thanks!

  7. Could I get the PDF also