Friday, October 11, 2013

Chocolate Boobie Truffles

After making pumpkin spice cake ball truffles in the shape of boobies, I wanted to try chocolate too. I blogged about my chocolate cake ball making process here.  Instead of rolling perfect balls, I flatted the bottoms a touch and made them more dome like. 

After dipping them in milk chocolate candy coating and cooling, I heated dark chocolate candy coating and used my a decorator bag.  Before cutting a small hole and decorating, I allowed the chocolate to cool a bit so it wasn't too runny. I squeezed out a bit of chocolate in a circle shape. The contrast between the two chocolates wasn't as much as I hoped. If I made these again, I would probably add a bunch of white chocolate to the milk chocolate to lighten it. I had purchased daisy shaped candy sprinkles and used the pink ones as nipple decorations. I think making my own sprinkles out of fondant would be better as well. I could do more with colors and shapes. 

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