Monday, October 14, 2013

Revisiting Chocolate Cake Balls

As the last batch of cake balls is gone, I thought I'd try another batch.  I wondered if I could use less Neufchatel cheese (low fat cream cheese). In my first attempts, I had intended to add some and add more as necessary, but ended up just putting the whole 8oz package in. This time I added two-thirds of the 8oz package and mixed it into the cake crumbs. Once it was well mixed, it seemed that two-thirds was plenty. The balls held their shape fine.

Another thing I wanted to play around with was different shapes. I have a silicone heart mold tray. Each heart was probably double the size I wanted. I was able to just make a small ball and press it in the heart mold and remove. It worked ok. Some of the time the hearts got smooshed a bit coming out of the mold and needed reshaping. I also made some flat disks and some cubes. I figured the disks would be easy to decorate with sprinkles.  Balls are certainly the easiest and fastest to make.  Even my three and a half year old helped with decorating this time, including drizzling the melted chocolate on the tops.


  1. Some of these showed up at my work, and I have to say they were even better than the first batch! Truly awesome! Thank you so very much!

    And the "shell" seemed thinner this time, too! How do you control it's thickness?

    1. Thanks! It seems the different coatings melt differently. Also, if it is too hot, there may be cracking. Finally, I do attempt to jiggle the cake ball on my fork to allow the excess coating to come off which comes off more easily with coating that has melted thinner.