Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Quilted Crossbody Purse

This project started out with some wonky pink and brown stripes, but then I decided to go with a more plain outside and did dark brown with just a few slice and insert strips on the front.  I added batting and sewed wavy pink lines for quilting.  I like the slice and insert for adding interest.  The pink ribbon fabric, symbolic for breast cancer, has interrupted these nice long pink lines, but they still carry on.

Each front and back ended up 9" wide by 10.5" long.

I added an inside zipper which was new to me.  This tutorial by U-Handbag explained things easily.  My measurements ended up a bit different.  I used a 7.5" zipper, but ended up cutting it so that the  zipper opening was 4".  My pocket was 6" wide by 5" tall.  I used craft interfacing which made it quite stiff, but it seems fine.

Lining front and back
Adding the other side of the pocket was easy too.  The process seems a bit like magic and it really works.  With my wonky stripes, I made an inside pocket and added darts.

The front and back are sewn together with a 1/4" seam allowance and the gusset is 1".

Purse inside
This whole project used fabrics from my stash, though I was running low on dark brown.  I needed to piece the 3.5" x 53" strap and used methods from joining a binding at an angle to make it long enough.  In addition to the brown, I used another 3.5" strip of the lining fabric, sewed them together on one long edge, then ironed and folded each unfinished edge into the center and joined them together ending with about a 1.5" strap.  I decided to add thin batting to the strap and cut that at 1.5" wide.  I just tucked the batting into one of the folded sides.  To add stability, I made a series of wavy lines on the strap.

Target Crossbody

My inspiration for this sized crossbody purse was a bag I was already using from Target.  I liked the one strap attaching at the front and back and the size was just about right, but I wanted it a touch bigger.

My purse is a bit bigger and I like the look.  I use a wristlet because I tend to switch bags for what I'm doing that day.  If I'm traveling light, I go for my crossbody purse.  It even has room for a small camera.

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