Thursday, October 31, 2013

Amelia Bedelia Costume

I haven't dressed up for Halloween in a while.  One of the parent volunteers suggested we all dress up for the school party.

There was a Fasching Party I dressed up for last February and spent some time considering costumes.  For that one I decided to go as a photographer/safari goer mainly because I could wear fairly normal clothes and take lots of pictures.

But when I looked at costume ideas, I looked for ones that were redheaded.  Amelia Bedelia was one of them.  This costume seemed to make the most sense for a school party though.

I headed over to Savers to get some second hand clothes.  Initially I planned to get a black dress, but I found an A line skirt I really liked and then got a knit black top and white blouse.  Sadly, I did not own any of those items.  I purchased white fabric to make an apron and used a black headband with black cardstock paper to make the hat.  I had a hard time finding flower daisies, but a very sweet senior couple helped me out and found yellow flowers that were close enough.  These flowers had long stamens, I simply removed them and hot glued a white felt circle instead.

The apron was not a quick make.  I had hoped it would be, but I had certain elements I wanted it to have.  I started with a gathered skirt and added a 4" ruffle at the bottom.  Then I created a waist band and made smaller ruffles to go next to the straps and upper part.  Every picture I found of Amelia Bedelia shows the back of her apron with the back crossed.  So I created long straps that would cross in the back and then I tucked them through a small belt loop sewn into the waist band and finally ending with a bow in back.

The mechanics of adding a ruffle, then turning or not turning the straps was difficult to figure out.  I ended up doing a lot of turning under a 1/2" and pressing, then sewing wrong sides together.  That seemed to be the easiest.  The whole project probably would have taken less time with a proper pattern and instructions.  But it was completed well before bedtime and that was my goal.

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