Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mini Mitt gifts

My sister in law introduced me to these small potholder mitts. I have made some in the past and wanted to make some more this year. I tried a slightly different size this time. I cut rectangles at 8"x5" and then curved the corners. The mitt part is just less than half and cut on the fold and then top stitched. Another new thing I tried was quilting the outside layer along with the thermal batting. I made four sets and used different quilting based on the fabric I was using. 
The musical mitts are for the band teacher. 

I often send a box filled with edible treats and snacks to my brother in law. Hoping he might be fond of mini mitts like his sister, I sought out fabric that might be right for him. I considered some New York Yankees fabric or even some navy, but there weren't many choices. The majority of navy fabrics were with patriotic fabrics. Then I saw this print with the United States sprinkled randomly. I found New York and it was actually near Colorado where he lives. Perfect. For the quilting, I sewed around both New York State and Colorado with white thread and then connected the two with what might be a flight path. For the rest of the quilting, I used navy thread and snaked around. 

The last two sets I made are for my sister in law. I had purchased the fabric before Thanksgiving and hoped to bring them along as hostess gifts, but that did not happen. She really likes these little mitts and appreciates multiple sets. 

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