Wednesday, December 4, 2013

House Quilt Twinsies

When I was picking out fabric for my daughter's friend's farewell quilt, I made sure to have enough for a second quilt. Then Sydney could have a matching quilt and they would feel even more connected.

This quilt does have three different coordinating prints in it. And I decided to put houses into the blocks instead of the back. For the back I chose a cuddle fabric. It is very soft and the kind of fabric my daughter loves. 

My daughter helped sew quite a bit on this quilt. She put together the majority of the twelve blocks. She asked me to sew them together into the rows as she felt they'd be too long for her. I did assist with all the pinning and ironing. 

For the quilting, my daughter requested verigated thread and for me to make hidden hearts in the squiggles. I used my sit down HQ Sixteen quilting machine. It seemed to start out well, but quickly it became very challenging. My upper thread kept breaking. I changed the needle, cleaned the lint out, and checked the threading. I wondered if the plush cuddle fabric was causing problems. I had used a thinner batting hoping it would all even out. 

Finally I located some sewing machine oil, oiled, and decided to try a different brand needle. It blows my mind how finicky the HQ16 can be sometimes. It is frustrating. But after all those changes, it finally sewed amazingly well and no more thread issues. I was able to do the second half probably four times faster than the first half. 
I did "hide" a bunch of hearts and the word "Sydney," "friends," and heart "mom."  She loves it!

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