Saturday, December 7, 2013

Mini Cherry Pies

After making Cherry Cheese Cakes and having leftover cherry pie filling, it did make sense to finally make some cherry pie for the boy.  But I didn't have enough for a whole pie.  I looked around a bit at some mini cherry pie recipes and many were made in muffin pans.  I thought that seemed like a great idea.  To this point I had never made pie crust on my own.  Many family members make pies for holiday gatherings and pie crust isn't my favorite either.  But the boy really enjoys pie.

I found a super easy recipe for pie crust.  Mixing with two knives and then my hands, it went together very well.  Some recipes suggested chilling the dough before rolling.  This recipe did not, so I went ahead and rolled it out.  It rolled well.  I used an almost 4" metal bowl for cutting circles.  I might try a larger size the next time.  This recipe was just enough for my leftover cherries. 

Seeing that I had a tiny ball of dough leftover, we brainstormed how else I could use the dough and decided on blueberry pie as we have blueberries in the freezer.  I found a blueberry pie recipe quickly and decided to quarter it using 1 cup of blueberries.  That worked out perfectly.

For the tops I had enough to make lattice tops.

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