Friday, December 14, 2012

Snickerdoodles for the Redcoat Cafe

My seventh grader has been studying about the Colonies during the time of the French and Indian War and the Boston Tea Party.  As a end of unit project they are having a Redcoat Cafe.  Originally my son thought that his teacher was supplying food typical of the time period, but then yesterday the teacher said the kids could bring things too.  Of course my son mentioned this at 8:30 at night.

I'm not one to shy away from a potential baking project though.  I looked at some recipes and read about typical food.  Corn and Pumpkin seemed obvious choices, but I didn't have the right ingredients and I wasn't sure if the kids would enjoy a strange new dish.

I found one list of Colonial Day foods that had Snickerdoodles.  After confirming with another website that a similar recipe has been around for some time, I decided to make them.  Even though the recipes on the site show late 1800's, I did find references that this cookie, in some form, was made in the 1700's and even earlier.

After reading through the recipe a few times, I was sure I had everything I needed.  The Cream of Tarter I had only used in playdough before.  I figured it was an ingredient in some foods, I just hadn't come across them yet.  Then I realized I was missing eggs!  I tried a few neighbors before I finally found some.  Thank you, Neighbor!

It was interesting to note that I had never made Snickerdoodles before and my family was not familiar with them either.  My mother has made them before, I'm sure.  Hopefully this simple sweet cookie is a big hit with the kids at school. We may even whip up another batch to have at Christmastime.

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