Friday, December 7, 2012

Altered Santa Boxers

My eight year old was hoping for a Santa dress.  One place she wanted to wear it was to dance class for their holiday class.  I looked on-line and saw that my local K'Mart had cute Santa dresses.  When I checked out the store, there were none to be found.  I was told that I could order one, but I wasn't sure I wanted to do that.

As I shopped, I saw some cute Santa items made by Joe Boxer.  There were Santa boxers, long elf shorts, and Santa lounge pants.  Each set had a cute hat.  These were all in the Men's department.  I searched the girls department again and saw no Santa wear.  The Santa boxers were made out of a thin velour type material and had a flowing design.  They might be a bit big, but I could make them work.

My daughter's reaction surprised me.  She would not consider wearing boxers, as they are for boys of course.  After I tried to convince her otherwise, she wondered if I could change it into a skirt.  Why not!

It was pretty easy to remove stitches in the crotch of the boxers.  I did remove the seam through the fly of the boxers also.  Interestingly, this pair of boxers only had seams in the front and the back, not the sides.  After changing the seams, they now became the side seams. The waist band was a bit big for her and I took that in too.

With the transformation complete, my daughter tried the skirt on and was very pleased with it!  Now all the kids have Santa hats.  And clearly when I have my camera out, I should get pictures of my posed girls.

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