Friday, December 7, 2012

Hand Print Ideas

Google Images is always a source of inspiration for me.  I especially love stumbling upon someone else's blog and reading the story behind the completed project.

I know there are many neat crafts including children's hand prints.  There's just something about their little or even big hands that always melts my heart.  I wanted to try out a hand print tree.  My daughter was more than willing to have me paint her hand, though she questioned me a lot during the process.

We made one on card stock paper and then I found some mini poster board.  The poster board worked much better and was a nicer size too.  I used the non shiny size.  The paint was just whatever kids' paint I had on hand.  The star is cut from yellow card stock and glued on.  I added her name and the year at the bottom.  I love that I have a picture of her with her artwork to preserve the moment.

Another idea I thought of would be a fun way to preserve favorite baby and childhood outfits.  Why not cut out a hand print shape from a favorite outfit or shirt at different points along the way.  I think especially outfits where the child had been photographed.  Then collect the hand print cutouts and eventually put them all together in a memory quilt or wall hanging.  I think this is a great idea for a mom to be so she could have it in mind from the beginning!

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