Sunday, November 2, 2014

Around the World Blog Tour

Francesca of Swink Girls Quilts nominated me to be a part of the Around the World Blog Tour.  How cool is that?!  Francesca and her mom, Kim co-author their blog and do some amazing things.  It's always a pleasure to catch up with them.  Here is Francesca's Around the World Blog Tour blog post.  Thanks for the nomination, Francesca!

1. What am I working on? 
This is a good question.  I prefer to get going on a project and complete it quickly, but that doesn't always happen.  Today I'm working on laundry...the fact that I am a mom to three and wife consumes most of my time.  One project that is unfinished and seems to be ongoing is a unicycle and hula hoop quilt.  I think the idea was great, the putting together has felt uncertain as well as the colors.  As I work on it and then don't work on it, I wonder if we still like it enough to finish.  Moving my sewing room this summer certainly slowed down my creative process as well.  I don't have a design wall at the moment and less space.

Before the next RMQG meeting, I intend to make a flower block like the ones in this blog post for a charity quilt.

2. How is my work different? 
I'm not sure my work is different from what is out there.  I like to look at people's pictures and read about their inspirations.  Possibly one difference is that I use fabric that is easily available to me.  It may be from my massive stash or from one of the local stores that are nearby.  I rarely travel for fabric or order fabric.

3. Why do I write/create what I do? 
My very first blog post that I wrote had to do with making cookie cutters for unicycle cookies.  I had searched quite a bit for a cookie cutter and found they did not exist.  I wanted to provide the information to others who might be searching too.  I have always taken pictures of things I create.  Probably the biggest reason is that most of what I make ends up leaving my house.  Once I wrote my first post, I went back and created many posts from old pictures.  
Another reason I blog is for myself.  I enjoy going back to what I've done in the past, particularly for recipes.  I reuse my recipes from my blog posts all the time.  I enjoy making tutorials and showing the process for what I create as well.  This is especially true if after looking around, I couldn't find the information myself.  I enjoy helping others in this way and many times I end up using this information again too. 

4. How does my writing/creating process work?
My creative process generally starts with an idea or a need.  This may come from myself or from a family member or friend.  Then I look at Google images for more inspiration or use scrap paper and a pencil.  Sometimes I use pictures and a paint program to plan things out, sometimes paper and colored pencils.  Once for a Disappearing Nine Square I used construction paper and glue to make possible combinations and then my son helped me plan out how to put things back together.  Sometimes I just start cutting fabric and see what happens. 

My most favorite projects are ones that just happen.  Especially if one of my kids has an idea and I am able to create it right away.  The most recent one that just happened was the doll sleeping bag.  Small doll quilts were other things that happened while I was working on something else.  Last year just before Halloween I decided I could use a new hat and made one before going out trick or treating.  I have fond memories of my son asking for very specific costume requests for play:  elbow and knee covers with holes in them, cheetah costume, black mask, a cape, etc.  Those kind of projects I often used fleece, didn't finish any edges and was done quickly so that it could be played with right away.

Thank you!

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