Monday, November 17, 2014

New hair accessories

A Frozen inspired headband was one item I planned to make. I found a great sparkly blue and a organdy greenish ribbon. I layered them for the best color. Then I took the organdy, folded in half and stiched loosely in order to gather it together. To form the flower, I started making a center and wrapped the ribbon around in a circle. Afterwards, I glued on a felt circle to the back, added glue to the layers and a gem in the center. Previously purchased snowflakes completed the headband. Each embellishment was hot glued on. Hopefully they will stay.

To match a new to us dress, I took some of the Genie's satin fabric and gathered it with a running stitch. Wrapping around worked well.  It was thicker than the ribbon. Again, I glued a felt circle to the back and added glue in between the layers. This can be used as a clip or clipped to a stiff headband.
After making some Halloween hair bows, I purchased more embellishments.  One was a fairy. We chose some purple ribbon and created a flower. It was even thicker and stiffer than the fabric.  It think to will hold its shape well. 

Finally I dipped into the snowman pack and made a quick bow with snowman. I add velvet to the alligator clip so help it stay in my daughter's hair.  I started making these hair bows for my older daughter when she grew out her bangs. They stayed in perfectly. It's interesting how they stay better in some hair than others.

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