Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Turkey Preschool Snack

It was "turkey" day at preschool and our turn to bring in snack.  I couldn't ignore the theme for the day!  Based on some other turkey food ideas, I put together cheese and crackers, apples and carrots.

3 round crackers
3 flower shaped cheese slices, cheese first sliced with cheese wire, cut with cookie cutter
Carrot feet and beak - slices of baby carrot, small wedges out for feet, quarter wedge for beak
1 raisin split for eyes
Apple skin for turkey waddle
5 apple slices

I made a "test" turkey the day before and showed it to my daughters (4,10) and some friends aged 12. Everyone knew it was a turkey and right away asked if they could eat it. The cheese scraps went to them too after I cut out the flowers. 

The preschoolers seemed to like the turkey snacks too and after school I gave one leftover turkey to my teenage son who seemed to enjoy it as well. 

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