Sunday, November 25, 2012

Small Potatoes

My youngest has taken a liking to a couple Disney Jr TV shows. I decided to record one of them for her. After the show, these sweet small potatoes came into view and started singing. Since then, we have become quite fond of the Small Potatoes segment and sometimes even go to YouTube to see our little potato friends.

Of course I wanted to make some Small Potatoes for us. I considered making them three dimensional and tried one like that. It seemed to have too many seams and not enough space for their cute little faces.

Finally today, I just started cutting out shapes. One potato shape, then a second one. My daughter came up to see what I was doing and thought I should make all four potatoes. The potatoes aren't too detailed. The hand sewing of their faces went pretty quickly. I decided to just sew around the edges of them with my machine to speed up the final results.

Everyone in the family seems to agree that we have our own set of Small Potatoes now and that they are pretty cute.  Maybe the youngest will sing on video with her potatoes at some point soon.