Monday, November 12, 2012

Thanksgiving & Christmas Cookies

A day off from school seemed like the perfect day to do some baking.  My 8 year old daughter seems to really enjoy baking and especially decorating.  Her little sister likes to bake too, but she is more into the experience than actually getting much accomplished.

We now have 18 decorated turkeys for Thanksgiving and some cute Christmas cookies ready for the freezer.  I was looking forward to trying out some new cutters.  While we did get a few houses, snowflakes, trees, and a mitten...I was on oven duty when most of them were being cut out.  We have many more people than I expected.  We can certainly make more if necessary.

It's nice that the kids are at a point where we can bake a whole batch of cookies and at least start the decorating all at once.  We did all the turkeys and a few other things before the one wanted to head outside and the other broke down completely.  After a little break, I was able to finish the decorating. Now who'd like to come over and clean up?!  :)

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