Sunday, November 11, 2012

Design Wall for Me

It seems the best way to figure out the in between space for floating blocks is to lay out the blocks on a design wall. I had laid out the blocks on my bed, but leaving them there for long periods of time is not realistic.

I saw that some people use flannel and others use thin batting.

There was a decent sale going on for packaged batting and I found one that seemed pretty thin. I hoped that my blocks would stick well enough.

So far so good. Because the batting was thin and light, I used thumb tacks to tack it up. I did end up cutting the batting down a bit for my wall space. It's about 60" wide.

I've seen others who use a foam board and attach the batting to it. For the moment, my solution for a quick design wall is sufficient and I already can see another row of blocks would be a nice addition.

Two blogs I found have nice images for floating the blocks. One Little Imp has a nice image showing where all the seams ended up.
Oh Fransson has a tutorial for floating blocks and how to start dividing the quilt.

The next step will be to add some ribbon to split up the space into manageable blocks.  A grid showing through would be helpful too.  Perhaps someday I will add a foam board with a grid underneath.

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