Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mixing Bliss

After a year of wishing I had a stand mixer, I decided the time was right.

It's time to make unicycle cookies again. I purchased the Kitchenaid Artisian mixer earlier this week, but didn't open the box until today. I had my eager helpers ready and we were all excited to try out the new mixer.

I had actually read the online manual earlier too which made it really easy. I opened the box, washed the parts and started making cookies.

Even with the first ingredients, it was clear that this is a superior machine. It seemed very efficient and mixed everything quickly. This gingerbread cookie recipe calls for quite a bit of flour and the dough gets stiff. I decided to switch my beater to the dough hook for the last cup of flour. It mixed beautifully.

I look forward to our next mixing opportunity. I read that mashed potatoes can be mixed in it as well. Maybe I'll mix and we'll have dinner too.

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  1. I got a standing mixer a couple years ago. I know I could have lived a complete and full life without it, but I love the thing and use it all the time. It's amazing how much time it can cut out of a process, and I've tackled some things I might not have without it.