Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Memory Mug Rug

My grandmother used to send me fabric from time to time.  She was always a sewer.  She mainly made clothes for herself and her husband.  And she was very talented, no patterns necessary.
Memory Mug Rug

My grandmother died last year and my grandfather died just last month.  I know people do all kinds of neat memory quilts and wall hangings from the deceased clothing.

I thought about the fabrics I have from my grandmother.  One is from a shirt she had made my grandfather, another is from an outfit she made my daughter.  Others I'm not sure of their stories.  I collected these fabrics together and some other scraps that reminded me of my grandparents and a couple that would tie everything together.

Back of Mug Rug
Instead of a quilt, I would make a mug rug.  These are cute mini quilts which are designed to use as a coaster for a cup of tea and perhaps a cookie.  This memory mug rug is for my mother in memory of her parents.  I like the idea of my mom having tea and having a remembrance of her parents right there with her.  I hope she likes it too.

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