Sunday, March 30, 2014

Frozen Cupcakes

When I asked what my younger daughter would like to do for her fourth birthday, she requested chocolate cupcakes.  After some more suggestions we also opted for a couple visits to the children's museum with a friend and her sister.

I used my favorite devil's cake mix and added an egg white, almost a cup of plain Greek yogurt, and a cup of cooled decaf coffee.  I filled up 12 cupcakes and saw I had less than half of the mixture left and filled some mini cupcakes too.  I used paper liners.  This mix really bakes up high and I could have filled the cupcakes much less, perhaps closer to half full.  Though they seem ok this way too.

We have certainly been enjoying the movie Frozen and the soundtrack and decided to go with a nice Frozen blue for the frosting.  I used a cream cheese frosting (8 oz low fat cream cheese, 1 stick butter, 1TB milk, 1 tsp vanilla, 3-4 cups powdered sugar) and added a small amount of sky blue gel.  The frosting didn't hold the swirls as well as I hoped.  The white pearls were a nice find at Wegmans.
These cupcakes we had on her birthday, the rest are in the freezer for our upcoming family party.
Birthday girl with her "4" shirt

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