Saturday, March 17, 2012

Super Cute Felt Cookies

My sister suggested felt cookies as a nice birthday gift for her daughter's upcoming third birthday. She sent me links to a few options other people had made. I thought they were really cute and probably not too hard to make.

Felt Cookie with sprinkles
I looked through my stash. I had cookie colored felt and beads that would make perfect sprinkles. I started with the tan felt and made two circles. Then I made a smaller frosting-like shape out of pink felt. From there I just sewed the beads in a random sprinkle-like fashion. Sewing the beads onto the frosting and the top of the cookie was enough to connect the frosting to the cookie. Finally I sewed the top of the cookie to the bottom with coordinating thread and used a very small bit of polyfil to give it some body.

After seeing my toddler trying to remove the frosting layer, I decided I needed to place beads even closer to the edge.

I did run out of the tan felt and decided I could use some cream, dark brown, really dark brown fabric and more tan.  After a shopping trip I started on more cookies.

I was excited to try to make chocolate chip cookies. I took scraps of the dark brown felt and tried to make random chips. Each chip was then attached with a few stitches. It was a fun challenge to place the beads and chips in a random looking pattern.

Felt Cookies
Even though I'm not a big fan of sugar cookies in real life, they certainly looked cute in pictures. I used cream felt and found these tiny colorful beads. The package seemed pretty old. I think I've had these a while!

Because St. Patrick's Day was on its way, I decided to also try a shamrock cookie.

I thought of other cookies we like to eat and make. I started a gingerbread man, but didn't like how it was looking. I thought a tree would be nice too. But found that I really like the way the circle cookies look, so I stuck with them. I did try a kiss cookie or a peanut blossom cookie. I'm not sure that's a winner either.

Probably when I finished my first or second cookie, it became clear to me that I would need to make a second set for our house. They were too cute!  Good thing I have an almost two year old in the house.

I saw one set of cookies in a picture that was presented so nicely in a little box. I looked around at Target and JoAnns for small boxes. We actually found a perfect little pink treasure chest gift box at Target, but it was too big for six little cookies.

After looking at cookie and cupcake boxes, I settled on small paper mâché boxes. They seemed a bit more durable than the bakery boxes.

However these little boxes needed some color. I decided to paint them. Painting and drawing have never been my strongpoints and I was reminded of this fact again as I was painting. It was especially hard when the almost two year old wanted to climb on my lap when I was trying to make careful lines and dots. But as they were drying, I decided they will make nice little cookie boxes for two little girls.
Felt Cookies & gift boxes

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