Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Birthday Shirts

Every year since my son turned four years old, I have been making birthday shirts.  In the last few years I have even made some as gifts.  I've looked around at what other people are doing with birthday shirts from time to time.  One really cute idea I liked was to put pictures along with the number.  When the birthdays are a seventh, eighth, or ninth, I wasn't sure I wanted to do that.  But when the birthday is a second one, two little pictures is easy!

This year my youngest is turning two!  She seems to really like owls and more recently elephants.  I like making owls too, so we were all set.  A big number two for Kessa and two little owls.

two birthday shirt machine embroidery

Once my son hit about nine years old, he no longer wanted birthday shirts.  But last year when I had kids turning 1, 7, and 11, I knew I wanted something for him.  I did a quick search for "11 shirt" and found this cool vintage military 11th Airborne shirt.  It was a perfect fit.  
This year, we are again doing a joint 2, 8, 12 party and I searched again for a shirt:  "12 shirt."  I found many!  And one design had significance for us.  It's from the Hunger Games, district 12.  Perfect again!  
The eight year old is still into birthday shirts and choose a nice peace symbol print this year.

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