Monday, February 20, 2012

A very productive Sunday

New quilting ideas keep coming to me through searching and just trying things.

Crazy Mug Rug
The day started out with a blue and yellow mug rug in a crazy quilt pattern. It is for my daughter's teacher as she loves blue and yellow. It's interesting to me that all the blues lined up in the middle. I will have to take note of that in the future.

Next I wanted to try a wonky log cabin pattern. I had fabric leftover from my quilted baby carrier that I wanted to use. I found this tutorial at Tallgrass Prairie Studio and thought it was neat.

Wonky Pink & Brown Quilt Blocks 

I used a 4" square, then 1.5" strip, then 2.5" strip, 2" strip, and finally 3" strip. For two of the blocks, I mixed it up a little and changed the order of the different sized strips, but didn't change the sizes. Once the block was made, I squared it up to 16.5".

My husband says maybe I need to go wonkier. Maybe starting with a rectangle would help too. I may try this pattern for a queen sized quilt for us at some point.

I picked up some white fabric today for wide sashing. I think sashing will really make the blocks stand out nicely and maybe make the wonky pattern more visible.

Rainbow Wonky Stripes

I wanted to play around with the wonky quilting idea further. It's such a neat concept to just start cutting and sewing strips of fabric together. I thought I'd put a rainbow together. I only made one block, but with the magic of my Photo Wall app, I could see a possible quilt taking shape.

It was a very productive and fun day in the sewing room.

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