Monday, February 13, 2012

Mug Rug and a Snack Mat

After completing the small Bento Box quilt last night, I still had quilting on the mind this morning.

I wanted to do some more free motion quilting. It is fun to make all those little squiggles. But whatever I did needed to be small and get done quickly.

A while back when I was thinking about what kind of baby quilt to make, I came across some mini quilts called Mug Rugs. I had never heard of them, but after I actually searched for them, I saw them everywhere! Some quilters like to try out a new quilt pattern on these little mug rugs and I thought I'd do the same.

Back in the summer I had looked at what people like to do with old baby clothes. I found some done as crazy quilts. I read about the concept, but wasn't sure how it would really work out.

Today, without rereading any tutorials, I started sewing random pieces together. The first one went together so well, I thought I'd quickly make another.

Crazy Mug Rugs
The second one I had more trouble with. After I finished both, I wondered why the second was harder. I vaguely remembered at that time that starting with a four sided shape works really well. The second one must have started with a more triangular shape.

I sandwiched both and enjoyed some more free motion quilting. Finally, I added bindings and hand sewed the binding down on the wrong side.

A mug rug for me and a snack mat for the little girl.

I see the draw of making these tiny quilts. You get to try out a quilting pattern and actually complete all the steps of quilting in a very short amount of time.

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