Thursday, June 19, 2014

Eureka Sunrise 6 Review

Our old Eureka tent has a footprint of about 11'x7' which we finally outgrew. Really our 30" mats were just too wide to fit five across.

When researching new tents online, I started looking at 8 person tents and felt they were all huge and mostly expensive. Our old tent was rated for seven people, so I figured I had to look higher. Finally I calculated what we might need and broadened my searches. 

The Eureka Sunrise 6 has an 11' x 11' footprint.  I calculated that while we couldn't fit five mats together, we could easily have four together and have one going the other way.

This tent is just like our other in terms of basic shape and set up. It's a bit taller, which I didn't find necessary, but overall the features are very nice. 

The first time I set it up with a four year old which is essentially by myself and it worked fine.  The fly is high up, so it took me a couple tries on a windy day, but at last I succeeded. I sealed all our seams and became familiar with the nice features such as netted compartments everywhere, great windows and air flow.

At the campground, everyone helped set up the tent and it was even easier. I can see how it might be a struggle on a very windy hilltop without at least two adults, but I'm sure it would work out, staking along the way as necessary. 

We did have rain, in fact all night on and off. Everyone stayed dry and we still had plenty of air flow too. Night two was a chilly night and we left the windows open some again. I think due to the higher ceiling, it kept us cooler, but that will be helpful on hot summer nights. Also, I could have closed up the windows more to keep the heat in better. 

We had space for each of our duffle bags and a corner for shoes.

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