Sunday, June 8, 2014

Car Garbage Bag

The hooks on the backs of my car seats are just too far for a Wegmans bag to reach.  The last garbage bag was a perfect one from Nike that had a drawstring handle.  We have access to far more Wegmans' bags, so I wanted to make something that would hold them.

Starting with a Wegmans bag as a guide, I cut a 16" x 16.5" rectangle out of a waterproof nylon.  I added a 9" piece of 1/4" elastic to each side seam and buttons on each side about 5.5" from the top.  I boxed the bottom corners at 2" in and left the top edge raw.

Threading the elastic though the bag handles and bringing the bag handles down to the buttons holds the bag in place.  So far so good.

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