Monday, April 28, 2014

Mini Anniversary Cake

My in-laws are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary today and I wanted to do something to help celebrate.  I thought a mini cake might be fun to make.

I looked through recipes and settled on this "Best White Cake Recipe."  The recipe was easy to follow and made a nice batter.  For my three mini springform pans,  I made up half a recipe.  I had a decent amount of batter leftover and filled 7 square mini cupcakes too.  The mini springforms required almost the full amount of time suggested in the recipe.  I started checking at 15 minutes, but it needed about 25.  

After baking the cakes, I cooled them briefly, then put them in the freezer on a wire rack.  My goal was to trim down one layer to be smaller than the bottom layer.  The edges did get a bit crunchy as one recipe reviewer mentioned, but it seemed ok.  There wasn't any crunchiness on the mini cupcakes.

I used the buttercream recipe at the same site. The directions were very specific and seemed to make up a nice buttercream.  It probably helped also that I cut up the butter in small pieces to allow it to warm to room temperature quickly.  I only had 6/8 of a stick left, so I cut this recipe basically in half as well.  

A little research told me that pearls are one symbol for the 30th anniversary.  I still had some pearls leftover from our Frozen themed cupcakes.  It seemed to work out for a quick cake, but certainly not my best decorating.

It was nice to find I still have some cute bakery boxes that fortunately fit the tiered mini cake perfectly.  We dropped off the cake and a card as a little anniversary surprise.

With the leftovers we sampled the cakes.  One tester felt that it is too sweet, everyone else felt it is a fine white/yellow cake.

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