Saturday, November 16, 2013

Doggie Attire

Dog Wetsuit
We don't have a dog, but I heard my daughter's gymnastics coach mention that his dog outgrew her doggie wetsuit. I thought I could help out. My first thought was to use a child sized wetsuit and alter it for a dog. This lab is pretty big with a 31 inch "waist". It looked like a bigger wetsuit might work. I cut off the legs to see if it work fit, then we cut off the arms and cut open the zipper. With all the extra leg and arm pieces, I was able to modify the original too small wetsuit.  After trying it on, I need to make darts in the new panels.  The front part of the wetsuit was too small, the back fits well. Creating one out of the bigger wetsuit was not perfect. I'll need to test it on the model, but it think the arm holes are going to be too big.  We had considered using wide Velcro staps across the back for fasteners.

In my research, I did see one company who makes custom dog jackets and wetsuits. That might be the way to go for a larger dog.

Dog Fleece Coat
The coach did give me the dog's coat as another reference for sizing.  It is a very simple design. Basically a long piece cut with a contour, a collar and an added strap. I have some amazing Malden Mills fleece leftover from a bag order. It is a thick two sided fleece.  I made up another little coat too. 

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