Sunday, September 1, 2013

Mended Fabric Organizer

Due to the fact that backpacks are not allowed in school, my son keeps trying out different methods to stay organized and carry all his necessary things along.

This year, he plans to reuse this fabric accordion organizer and tuck his agenda in the front. This was what he did other years which caused the elastic to rip off and the button to pull out. 

I bought some new silver buttons and a flat black button for the reverse side. Thin elastic would work for the front and back. 

The buttons sewed together better than I expected.  I thought it might be hard to get them attached to each other through the firm material and still be held together tightly. The elastic tucked into the existing layers.  I just heat sealed the ends first. Everything was sewn by hand and I hope I put in enough stitches that it will last. 

For the back, I added elastic in a "V" to help hold his pencil case. 

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