Sunday, September 15, 2013

Firetruck Birthday Shirt

We have a young friend who will be turning three soon. He has been really into firetrucks for some time. A basic number shirt didn't seem like it would be enough. While thinking about this shirt, I thought a shiny red truck would be cool. Fortunately red pleather goes on sale right about now for costume making time. Though I did have concerns about how it would sew and wash.

I used felt for all the other details and glued them on before stitching. Then I satin stitched most parts before placing the truck on the shirt.  Finally I added some heat and bond and very carefully ironed the truck to the shirt. Using some batting in between didn't damage the pleather, but also didn't really adhere the truck. Finally I flipped the shirt inside out and ironed through the back, which worked pretty well. 

Using the new Teflon foot may have helped in some instances, but I wonder if it slipped too much when I was sewing on mainly felt. There were a couple places where the satin stitches looked less than perfect. 

I am thinking the birthday boy will just see a firetruck with a yellow number three.

Firetruck Birthday Shirt

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