Saturday, August 17, 2013

Heart Pillows for breast surgery patients

When reading the newsletter for my local breast cancer coalition, I saw they are in need of pillows to give away. These little pillows are great post surgery. They can be tucked under the arm to protect the breast or armpit after surgery. They can also be used to soften a seatbelt strap in the car.

I was given a small square shaped pillow after I had surgery and it was great. A heart shape was suggested for me to make and it is much cuter and I could see it hanging out on a bed or couch after it was used post surgery. 

If any locals could use a quick sewing project, I am happy to share the pattern!

I put together six pillows this morning, though I did run out of poly-fil before the sixth.  Quilting scraps worked great and gave some pillows personality.  I used microfiber for the backs. 
Stuffed Heart Pillows
Heart Pillow before stuffing

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