Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Unicycling Unicorn

There is a Kiddie Parade in my town every year to kick off the Fireman's Carnival. I didn't know much about the parade until someone encouraged us to check it out a few years ago.

This year we decided to do it again. Kids dress up, there are strollers, wagons, a few bikes and trikes.  My nine year old daughter rides a unicycle and the three year old can ride a tricycle and bike with training wheels. 

We considered different costume options. First we were going to go with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. We have a Minnie dress. Then I saw a unicycling unicorn and thought a unicorn would be a great idea for my unicycling daughter. We tried to convince the three year old to have a triceratops costume or maybe a pony. At the end, she wanted to be like her sister. 

After surveying our potential supplies, we went with white felt, white micro fleece and organdy ribbon. 

We started with the horn and our helmets. After trying out some thin cardboard, white card stock worked best. Next I used clear packing tape and a hot glue gun to secure white microfleece and ribbon.  For the ears I used white felt and pipe cleaners.  Clear packing tape made it easy to attach everything to the helmets and would later be removable.  I also made a mane, tail, wrist and ankle cuffs out of the microfleece with hot glue.  I would normally sew things, but using the hot glue was quick and easy.

The girls didn't win the competition, but did get an honorable mention and won six dollars.

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