Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rainbow Shamrock Mini Quilt

I had no intention of making a St. Patrick's Day quilt, I didn't even have any themed fabric.  But when I saw this rainbow shamrock fabric at 50% off, I was drawn to it.  The rainbow fabric inspired me the most and I purchased solid fat quarters to coordinate.

I started with a 16.5" square of the rainbow fabric and added a shamrock, with an additional white shamrock outlining the green.  Then I made 2.5" strips of the rainbow solids.  I hadn't ever needed this trick before, but it sure works nicely.  After sewing strips together, I cut across them making rows of squares.  The squares are even and it was much faster than putting tiny squares together.

When I practice free motion quilting on small quilt sandwiches, it really doesn't have the same effect as on a bigger piece.  I wondered if I could have success using my new HQ 16 beast for this small project.  I tried out some spirals and echo quilting and my stitches were not too even.  This was the perfect project for trying things out and realizing I need even more time practicing.  It seems so different on the HQ 16 because I set the speed and then just go.  With my regular machine, I slow down and speed up depending on what I'm doing.  I did make spiral shamrocks at each corner which are somewhat recognizable.

After finishing the mini quilt, I had a bunch of rainbow squares leftover.  I split them each down the middle and have been playing around with what to do with them.  I may make a small rainbow wall hanging, we'll have to see.

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