Thursday, March 14, 2013

Quilted Name Tag

For my Modern Quilt Guild, we were asked to make ourselves a name tag for meetings.  I had missed a couple meetings, but wanted to get to the next one.  I had wanted to try a landscape quilt and figured making a super mini quilt as a name tag would be a great way to practice.

Because this won't be washed, I was less concerned about raw edges.  I went with fusing the layers with iron on fusing and lots of stitching.

I made lines on the blue water and did pebbling on the grey.  After quilted the mini quilt, it seemed too big.  I cut it down a little and added my name and made tiny spirals.  It was nice to use my regular machine for free motion quilting and see that I can make careful stitches, even with a wiggly girl in my lap.  I had used my new HQ 16 for spirals the day before and noticed they were not very smooth.  More practice at playing with the different speeds will probably make a big difference.

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