Friday, February 8, 2013

Hair Streamers

My daughter and two other girls are planning on doing a hula hoop routine for their school's talent show.  I helped them with the hoop choreography and shopped for matching tank tops.  We talked about all the girls wearing high pony tails for the routine and maybe having a ribbon in their hair.  I checked out my ribbon stash to see if I had coordinating colors.  Because I had created quite a stash for my hair bows, I had all kinds of options!

Green & Black Hair Streamer
I chose different widths and colors and even added a organdy white ribbon in the mix.  They really are straightforward to make.  First, layer the ribbons, then stitch through all the layers in the middle.  The next step is to wrap the thread around the middle a few times to cinch it together.  Finally add the hair band and a small 3" ribbon which has a single knot in it.  I also used a flame to melt the ends a bit to prevent fraying.  Sewn all together it is quite secure and I'm sure will look great!

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