Friday, January 18, 2013

Quilting with Girl Scouts

It was my turn to lead the group of third grade Girl Scout Brownies.  I enjoy sewing with the girls, but like to be sure to have additional sewing machines and adult helpers.  The stars all aligned and there would be five machines and five helpers for thirteen girls!

I cut out 6.5" squares and planned out two simple quilts with diagonal squares quilt design.  I also started planning another quilt for a friend. 

Some of the girls really enjoyed sewing and spent most of the one hour and thirty minute meeting sewing.  I had brought graph paper for the girls to learn about quilt planning and many of them enjoyed coloring too.

In the time allotted, we were able to sew the squares into rows for both quilts and started putting the rows together for one of the quilts.

I was impressed that the girls were able to sew quite straight.  There were a couple squares that were attached backwards and needed to be ripped out, but otherwise the quilts went together smoothly.

My job will be to finish up the quilts and then we will be donating them.

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