Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Webster Hoopers Window Cling

In February I became a Certified Hoopnotica Instructor and in March I started teaching classes. Little did I realize I was actually starting a business too. I needed a name, logo, website, Facebook page, and advertising.

I started with a website for my Webster Hoopers and created a logo from an image of myself hooping.

Flyers have been handed out and posters hung.

I often have a bunch of hula hoops visible in the back of my station wagon. I wondered if I could have my website address there. I considered purchasing a window cling, but wondered if I could make one.

I remembered I had alphabet stickers that were pretty big. They'd stick the wrong way though. Then I wondered if I could stick the stickers to clear packing tape and then stick the tape to the inside of my window.

I cut out the letters first to see how long it would be and to make sure I had all the right letters. Then I laid out the packing tape and used masking tape to to hold the packing tape in place.

Everything went together quickly. I brought it out to my car and stuck it on the inside of my rear window. Right away it was apparent that the black letters on clear tape was not bright enough. Probably if I had used white letters or a bright color, it might have been fine. But the dark letters faded into the dark interior.

Instead of starting over with letters I don't have, I tried to figure out what else I could do. I contemplated colored tape we have, but all of the backsides are whitish and not great looking. Then I came across some silver tape I had for hoops. It seemed like an acceptable option. I will have to see how long this DIY window cling turned sticker will last.

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