Monday, January 2, 2012

Hooping meets Babywearing

The one thing I always found a bit challenging with hooping is having a baby or toddler around. For one they can walk into a hoop and get hurt and secondly, they might just need to be held at the very moment that I want to be hooping.

As my baby has gotten older, I wondered if I could hold her a bit as I hooped. I first tried her on my shoulders. It worked ok, but she didn't always like it or feel secure up there.

Just recently she really needed me to hold her and I really wanted to hoop for a couple more songs.

My girls had been playing "puppy" with one of my baby carriers and it was still out. It is called a wrap and is just a long piece of fabric, almost six yards long and close to twenty inches wide. I wondered if I could actually tie my toddler up high enough and hoop at the same time.

It did work and I got a great workout. She weighs twenty-six pounds and I certainly felt it!
Hooping Meets Babywearing

I thought I'd write down what I did in case any other hoopers find themselves really wanting to hula hoop with a toddler. Please always use your best judgment when considering Babywearing while hooping.

Find the center of the wrap (1) and place it high on your chest (2).

Bring the long ends to the back and cross them behind your back (3) and then over each shoulder (4).

Pick up your child (5) and place them in the center of the wrap (6) while still holding on to the child.

Grab each long end from over your shoulders and hold them tight while also keeping an arm on the child (7).

Cross the wrap over the child's back (8) and under their legs towards your back. Secure the wrap behind you for a moment.

Now reach around yourself to each side of yourself and tuck the child's legs into the wrap (9&10). My child is 21 months and her legs are quite long. I do not know at which ages this would work well. You will have to make your best judgement.
Toddler all wrapped up in a wrap
While keeping the straps tight again and keeping an arm around the child, untie the back and tighten if necessary. My wrap is long enough to cross over in the back and then bring the ties around front for a square knot (11&12). The child should feel very secure and the wrap should be reasonably tight.

These instructions are provided to give you ideas. I am not a professional and do not accept liability. Please use good common sense. Thank you.

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