Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cell Phone Felt Pouch

While searching for a simpler project for the second grade Girl Scout Brownies, I came across a site devoted to Kids' Sewing Projects.

I wanted to have button sewing be a part of this project. I decided to add many felt and button embellishments to my felt pouch as an example for the Girl Scouts.

My hope is that the girls could choose two or three embellishments to add to their little pouches.

First I took an iPhone to see what size pouch to make. Then I marked the folds with masking tape. Another thing I made sure to know was which direction I should place each embellishment because I didn't sew the pouch up until the end.

I used embroidery floss and sewed the sides up with the floss as well. I will probably braid a strap of some sort to make it into wristlet or purse.

The girls LOVED this project. They chose lots of neat designs and spent a good deal of time cutting out felt shapes. The meeting was half over or more before they started sewing and they were not able to complete the project during our meeting time. They brought the pouches home unfinished, but seemed hopeful that they could complete the project at home. The girls were very careful with the sharp scissors and needles. The project could have gone more quickly had I cut out the pouch and also some shapes for them. I did have a few patterns drawn out to give them ideas. I wanted the girls to learn more about using patterns and designing a project and I think that was part of the fun for them. When our time was done, all the girls were still working away. They were all very focused on this project and given the opportunity, I bet they would have worked for another thirty minutes or more. Our meeting lasts for one and a half hours during which we take time for a short snack.

I would enjoy doing a longer project with the girls and I bet they would be up for it. Maybe that would be a nice weekend activity.

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