Monday, November 30, 2009

Texture Quilt for Babies

I love when ideas just come to me. My very first quilt I made was for my daughter, Sydney, when she was a baby. We were at JoAnns and she was in a front carrier. I was looking at fabric and she kept reaching for this one print. It had butterflies and was a deep purple. She really liked it!

I decided to buy the fabric, but wasn't sure what it would turn into.

Finally the idea for a baby quilt came to mind. But I wasn't sure I had time or energy for a quilt as I had a young baby and also a preschooler.

Back to JoAnns we went in search for coordinating fabric. I knew then that I would like to find materials which had very distinct textures. We looked through the clearance area and found all kinds of great things: corduroy, bumpy, lacy, slippery, satiny, dotted, and more!

After finding 9 different fabrics, I started making my squares and trying to get the pattern to look right. Then I had a very tired baby on my hands. I never liked having to take a break in my sewing before having kids, but now I have seen the benefits of having extra time to think about things.

During that nap and some computer time, I learned about sashing and how nice it would look. I was hooked. The butterfly fabric would have a place in the middle with lace over it, be the sashing, and the backing. After the nap or the next day, everything came together.

Here are some more texture quilts I've made as gifts. They are always pretty small and just right for some tummy time. Later the small quilt has become a blanket for a doll.

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