Monday, August 11, 2014

Fruit Salad for camping

I decided it would be fun to take my daughters and three tween friends camping at a nearby campground.  We set up camp early in the afternoon and then returned with friends for pizza, a campfire, and snacks.  My daughter is the youngest of the bunch and isn't quite needing the constant stream of food that the older girls needed.  But I did realize the need for some snacks.

Because we were having pizza for dinner, I wanted something lighter for a snack.  S'mores were definitely on the agenda.  My daughter suggested fruit salad.  When I looked online at different camping food suggestions, fruit salad kept popping up in a waffle cone.  That sounded perfect!  I decided to get waffle bowls.  Half of the girls enjoyed the bowls too, the other half decided to throw them in the fire when done.  I liked the combination a lot.

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